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Recycled Cotton Fusing Interlining - Iron On Interfacing - 50gsm

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  • 100% Recycled Cotton Interlining Iron-on Fusing
  • Light-medium weight: 50gsm
  • Luxuriously soft and lightweight
  • The width of this material is 150cm
  • No bleach or harmful chemicals
  • Responsibly produced and ethically sourced
  • One-of-a-kind and exclusively available through ADKN.

Please note: We manually cut the interlining off the roll. At times this might not produce a perfectly straight cut.

Sample swatches for all thicknesses [42gsm, 50gsm and 160gsm] now available. These will be provided from small scrap or leftover fabric. This can sometimes result in odd, unusual shapes. Proceeds go to local charities.