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With 100% Animal-Free, Eco-Friendly, Ethical and Sustainable products, ADKN is a London-based fashion brand. Always classy and elegant, ADKN designs will bring timeless pieces to your collection.

ADKN seeks to build and maintain a viable and innovative business model with sustainable and animal-free products, engaging in ethical practices, aiming to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly. With consumer needs and trends in mind, ADKN brings a wide range of products for women consisting of unique, innovative yet practical designs. There is no compromise on quality or aesthetics. You'll not only look your best, fashionable and feel comfortable, but you will have also made a wiser lifestyle choice by joining ADKN's vision.


The only exclusively 100% animal-free, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashion brand made in England, ADKN's story started in 2015, during a friends' conversation, back when animal-free, recycled or eco-friendly alternatives were not words to be often uttered in the same sentence. With so many negative media coverage regarding horrendous working conditions of fashion manufacturers, fashion was ready to start changing. It had become the second largest polluting industry in the world, it had tortured and killed countless animals and even cost the lives of people engaged in its unethical and unsafe practices. Our founder considered that not only did unethical and unsafe practices and working environment needed to stop, but so did all the pollution and disregard to nature and animals. A goal for a better fashion brand was set, which would slowly contribute to help convert the entire fashion industry into a more conscious and sustainable sector. Two years later and after extensive hard work and research, the story was ready to unfold.

An acronym for Animal-free Designs and Kindness for Nature, ADKN's primary mission has always been to deliver premium-quality products, respecting very strict ethical and environmental standards. ADKN fights against unethical treatment of employees, against poor working conditions, refuses to use any animal products of any type or source and engages only in creating garments from sustainable, eco-friendly sources. ADKN stands to prove that fashion can still be beautiful, stylish and sophisticated, without the use of harmful and unfitting materials.

In 2018, ADKN established its own design and production studio in London, creating a safe, very ethical and fairly-paid work environment, whilst giving a boost to a long-forgotten industry in the UK. Our studio was designed to include all modern facilities needed by our employees and was equipped with the latest technologies in terms of machinery. Having our own studio ensures we are able to fully asses our quality and pay close attention to all details of our garments, therefore guaranteeing that all ADKN products are made to premium British quality, respecting all the values of our brand.



Our policy involves strictly no use of animal products of any kind. We stand by the vision that high-quality fashion can be achieved without exploiting animals.


Our products are manufactured in harmony with nature. Throughout our manufacturing chain there are no harmful substances used and the impact on the environment is reduced.


ADKN's business policy emphasises equality and fairness on all levels of the organisations, including throughout the supply and manufacturing chain.


All materials are carefully selected to be natural, organic, bio-degradable, recycled and/or renewable, avoiding waste. ADKN is keeping in mind future generations and avoids misusing resources.


Better for Earth

We only have one planet - why choose to destroy it when there are so many safer alternatives?

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest user of water and 2nd largest water polluting industry in the world, after the oil industry. That is definitely not something to be proud of. Production of cotton alone adds up 1/4 of the world's pesticide usage, with waters across the world being polluted by dying processes. Also, to produce a single T-shirt, a person's 3-year's worth of water consumption is required.

Enough is enough. At ADKN we only use natural, organic, recycled or highly sustainable fabrics, which drastically reduces the impact on the environment. Simply by replacing cotton with organic cotton, we reduce CO2 emissions by 46% and use significantly less water and energy. Bio-based polyamide saves 2,500 liters of water and reduces CO2 emissions by 19Kg per 1,000 meters of fabric compared to normal polyamide. Hemp yields 250% more fiber than normal cotton, whilst requiring 4 times less water. Recycling PET bottles to produce fibers significantly reduces pollution, releases 65% less CO2 and requires 90% less water than normal polyester production processes. Also, by using non-chemical technologies of producing these fibers, no chemical residue is released into the air nor is trapped in the finished material.

We also engage in a zero-waste policy in our London studio, ensuring every last bit of the materials we have is used wisely. There will of course be times where it could be difficult to use something 100%, but rest assured we will either upcycle the scraps into something useful or we will recycled them to be revived.

We all need to understand that climate change is real and that it's time for all of us to make a change in our lifestyle and our choices, for a better planet.

Better for Animals

The use of animals for and in fashion has always been a horror story. Defenseless creatures should not have to suffer for the fading commercial trends the fashion industry sets. Too many animals are being harmed, tortured or even killed simply to feed the craze fast fashion instills. Every year, approximately 1 billion rabbits and about 50 million foxes, sheep, mink, seals to name but a few are killed for their 'coats'.

With the increasing awareness about cruelty to animals within the fashion industry, why not make a change yourself? There's never a better time than right now. Let's save the bunnies and of course other adorable creatures!

ADKN is a proud PETA-approved Vegan brand; we only use animal-free materials and there will be no animal traces at any levels of the production chain. We will never use silk, down, fur, leather, wool or any derivates of these animal materials. We know that fashion products can be just as beautiful, just as practical and just as timeless without the abuse of adorable creatures.

Better Ethics

ADKN would be nowhere without its hardworking team. A small group of very talented people, all working together in perfect harmony for one noble goal - setting an example and changing the way the fashion industry operates.

Ethical processes have been a priority to the ADKN team from before its establishment. We always seek to ensure safe and high quality working conditions and working environment. Our London-based studio is equipped with the most modern, state-of-the-art machinery, 'green' break rooms and lots of fun team games and activities (playing darts can get a bit competitive). All our employees are paid according to living standards, are offered pension schemes and 1 hour and 10 minutes break every day and of course let's not forget tea and coffee breaks. We pride ourselves with a happy team, who enjoys their work and believe in the values of the brand. We try to enjoy days out as a team, engaging in fun team building activities in order to further consolidate the ADKN relationship.

It's not just our employees that matter to us, but all the people we work with as part of our supply chain. We always seek to ensure all our materials are ethically sourced and produced under very strict ethical and safety standards as set out by the Fair Trade Act.


Transparency and honesty is an important value to the ADKN brand. We are and always will be transparent and open with our practices, our materials and our business processes. We strive to be an animal-free, eco-friendly, sustainable and last but not least, ethical brand. We have nothing to hide and we want you to become a very immersed member of the family.

Therefore, all details with regards to our products and practices are fully disclosed to you. We offer detailed descriptions of all our values, our materials, products, composition and caring instructions. Another rather unique feature we offer you as part of the ADKN family is an open-to-public studio. Yes, you heard that right. We want to share all the processes that take place behind the brand with you.

So you can sit back, relax, trust and enjoy your ADKN lifestyle.

Fashion Lasts Longer

ADKN is a firm supporter of classic, elegant and timeless pieces. All our products are designed to offer a well-balanced blend of stylish and practical designs, keeping in mind trends yet ensuring the finished garment will never go out of style. We therefore carefully source all our materials, trims and accessories to be as durable as the style we portray.

It is scientifically proven that organic, natural and renewable fabrics, whilst extremely eco-friendly, are more durable. There is a common consensus that if materials are not chemically treated, they cannot last for more than a season. However, we'd like to tell you otherwise.

Let's take a look at hemp, the most sustainable, eco-friendly and durable fabric in the world. Used for centuries to produce everything from ropes to sails to clothing items, hemp is one of the most versatile natural fibers. Our hemp garments are very durable, light-weight, hold their shape and do not fade. Another very durable material is bamboo, a raw material used in a variety of tasks, from cooking to construction. Our bamboo clothes are not only luxuriously-soft, but also as durable as the raw material they are drawn from. Our bio-based polyamide and elastane are sourced from Castor Bean, a very resilient plant. Through a very well-thought and non-chemical process, the finished fibers are very tightly woven together to offer extremely light, stretchy yet very durable fabrics. Even our trims are of extremely high quality and durable. Our buttons are made from Corozo, a very durable and scratch-resistant seed-based similar in properties with ivory.

At ADKN, we promise to offer you products that are created with utmost care and attention to details, so you can enjoy your favourite piece for years to come, whilst knowing you've helped the environment and its ecosystems.

All our business associates and suppliers work very closely with multiple organisations to ensure animals, humans and nature are in perfect harmony. We pride ourselves to be contributing and collaborating with partners who have a significant involvement in encouraging the use of organic cotton through organisations such as Better Cotton Initiative, and enforce strict ethical standards are used in all processes with Ethical Trading Standard or Fair Wear Foundation. Our natural resources, the health of our environment and its inhabitants (animals and humans) must be our priority and hold a very important role in our company, hence why actions encouraged through the Natural Resources Defense Council, Soil Association or World Wildlife Fund are so important. Last but not least, we must all make an effort for a more sustainable future, for a better planet for our next generations - we must think and consume in a sustainable manner, supporting the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. All our materials are very carefully sourced keeping in mind the environment, its resources, its wildlife and ultimately its people, and they carry the premium mark of PETA Vegan Approval, GOTS Certified, Global Recycling Standard and/or Oeko-Tex.