Discover the ADKN Materials


At ADKN, we pride ourselves with choosing only the the best, top-notch materials for our garments. In order for a material to be used in our collection, it has to meet a very strict criteria that keeps in mind our unique vision of 100% animal-free, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashion. 

Carefully Sourced Worldwide

We invest a significant amount of time researching new fabrics and new methods of production to make the most suitable selection. We carefully source materials, trims and accessories that match our vision to 100% from countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, China, Turkey, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Austria, Hungary and the UK.

Keeping in mind our company vision, we carefully select our suppliers, ensuring their manufacturing processes are not harmful to the environment, are eco-friendly, with no traces of animals at any stage. We also ask all our suppliers to provide certifications for the materials they produce, to ensure only the finest fabrics reach our studio for production. 


Ethically Produced and Animal-Free

ADKN's business policy emphasises equality and fairness on all levels of the supply and manufacturing chain.

The Fair Trade Act has done a lot of wonderful things, fabrics and clothes being produced under safe working conditions. We therefore want to make sure our suppliers are following the same high-standard practices with their employees. We carefully assess the work environment, to certify that ethical measures are in place for all workers.

Our policy involves strictly no use of animal products of any kind. We stand by the vision that high-quality fashion can be achieved without exploiting animals. All our materials are animal-free.



Innovative and Sustainable

By choosing organic fibres and sustainable fabrics we can reduce our carbon footprint while also trimming the amount of chemicals brought into the world. Given the fact that the fashion industry is only just starting to embrace a more vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical approach to its processes, materials to meet our criteria were rather rare, with only very few select companies producing everything to our premium standards and matching our vision. As a result, we've selected a small, yet versatile range of materials for our garments. This brings to show that fashion does not have to harm people, animals nor the environment to provide various styles and designs. Moreover, clothes made from organic, natural or renewable fibers are more environmentally-friendly, and the products are more durable.