Discover the ADKN materials: Organic Cotton


Organic Cotton is one of the most popular natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. All our organic cotton is produced using very high safety standards, ensuring not only reduced impact on the environment, but increased ethical practices.



Organic cotton is grown without the use of any fertilisers, pesticides or toxic chemicals. This sustainable method helps maintain the health of the soil, the health of the farmers and, ultimately, provides you with better, chemical-free, clothes.

About 220 million tonnes of greenhouse gas a year is released into our atmosphere due to the global cumsumption of non-organic cotton. Moreover, 1 tonne of conventional cotton fiber produces 1.8 tonnes of CO2. Traditional cotton crops use 25% of the world’s insecticides, and over 10% of the world’s pesticides. These dangerous chemicals not only harm the soil and pollute the environment, but eventually poison the farmers and workers during manufacturing. Harmful effects of this traditional material are felt daily, manifested through rashes, irritated skin or even headaches, all due to the chemical residue trapped inside the fabric. Furthermore, WWF concluded 20,000 Litres of water is needed to produce one kilogram of cotton which equivalent to a single t-shirt and pair of jeans.

Organic cotton produces around 46% less CO2 compared to conventional cotton. Using an environmentally-friendly and ethical process, and produced under strict standards, organic cotton uses far less fuel and energy, does not pollute the water given its chemical-free production and does not compromise the health of the workers. With no toxic chemical residue in the finished organic cotton, the material is completely hypoallergenic and very soft. Purchasing garments made from organic cotton not only improves the quality of your life, but also helps the farmers, giving them the opportunity to not be exposed to such hazzardous chemicals for the sake of fashion.

Our Organic Cotton is GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), a quality assurance certification, which requires that very strict environmental standards are met.



It's Green and Sustainable

Organic cotton is grown without using any toxic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers.

Saves the Soil

Since there are no toxic chemicals involved, the farmed soil does not get polluted.

It's Produced Ethically

Production of organic cotton takes place under strict ethical standards and regulations.

No Toxic Chemicals

No harsh toxic chemical residue is found in the finished garments.


Organic cotton is very soft and perfect for sensitive skin, given the material was not treated chemically.

Less Water and Energy

A very sustainable process, organic cotton growth uses less water and less energy.