Discover the ADKN materials: Eco-friendly Trims and Accessories


Thread, Buttons, Zips, Hooks & Eyes, Shoulder Pads, Interlining

Not only are all our materials animal-free, eco-friendly, ethically-produced and sustainable, but so are our trims and accessories. Everything from thread to buttons to interlining has been carefully selected for our garments ensuring strict standards are met.

Zips and Hooks & Eyes

Our zips are 100% metal-free and made from entirely recycled materials. They are sourced from post consumer PET bottles, old fibers or polyester remnants and are produced through a very advanced eco-friendly technology. This manufacturing process reduces CO2 emissions, use of crude oil and waste. Since there are no metal components, our zips are completely recyclable. The dying process of our zips is based on a technology that uses significantly less water than traditional dying processes, helping the environment.

Both our zips and hooks & eyes are eco-friendly and 100% nickel-free, protecting your skin, which can get irritated when in contact with products that contain nickel. Since our accessories are completely nickel-free, they are entirely hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You can easily recycle or upcycle nickel-free products once they've reached their life span.


Our beautiful Corozo buttons are made out of a very unique material which comes from the Tagua tree, which grows mainly in lowland rainforests of Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Panama. These trees produce fruit called Mococha, whose seeds are called Corozo. What is interesting about these fruit, is that when they are ripe and ready to be processed, they fall on the ground. Therefore, there is no exploitation, making them a very sustainable resource.

Often called vegetable ivory, due to it similarity to ivory, sufficient Corozo is produced by one Tague tree in a year to equal one elephant's tusk. This very renewable resource is a great alternative to real ivory, saving the lives of elephants worldwide. Corozo is also very durable and scratch-resistant due to its tightly wound fibers. Being 100% natural, it is entirely biodegradable.


Our thread is carefully selected to offer the best quality and durability and is produced entirely from recycled post consumer PET bottles. Just one PET bottle produces 10 spools, with reduced CO2 emissions (down by 65%), 90% less water usage and less energy consumed. Produced through a non-chemical process, all our thread is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Shoulder Pads and Interlining

One hurdle was encountered with regards to our interlining and shoulder pads - it appears the fashion manufacturing industry has yet to find a way to make them 100% recycled. Fingers crossed they will soon! Our choice is still part-recycled and produced through eco-friendly processes, donning the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.