ADKN Sourcing and Merchandising

ADKN Sourcing and Merchandising

Animal-Free - Eco-friendly - Ethical - Sustainable

Research. Quality Control and Assessment. Technical Specifications

Our Promise to You

ADKN For Businesses provides a full sourcing, merchandising and research service tailored to your business needs. ADKN has a wide range of resources and partnerships with business leaders in their field, boasting advanced techniques and machinery. Every step will be taken ensuring an animal-free, green, sustainable and ethical approach.

We are there to assist you every step of the sourcing process, from research to deciding which goods to purchase whilst keeping in mind a cost-effective strategy.

Understanding Your Needs and Researching The Best Approach

Our team will seek out the best solutions based on the tailored requirements of the client, whilst ensuring reliability, responsibility, creativity and flexibility. Our carefully-selected network of worldwide industry individuals and companies ensures a swift, high-quality process, whilst always considerate of the costs. We will always ensure our partners processes are in complete harmony with our green, ethical vision. We also constantly attend industry events and trade shows to discover any new trends or innovations in the sector, always ensuring we offer you top-of-the-notch technology and quality, whilst being mindful of the environment and the people involved in the processes. Furthermore, we constantly visit our partners and suppliers to ensure all their processes are still in accordance with our vision and to ensure the high standards are maintained. We only work with certified green, sustainable and ethical partners

Presenting Different Strategies

We will always endeavour to select a few different strategies based on the client's goals and requirements. These strategies are then presented thoroughly, with their pros and cons for the client to make an informed decision.

Start the Sourcing & Merchandising Process

Once a strategy is chosen, we immediately start the sourcing process, followed by a thorough review of line development, merchandise, planning, cost, etc. We also ensure that your finished products reflect a maximum profit potential. We ensure our partners only use certified green and sustainable raw materials and engage in high ethical practices. All materials and dyeing meet the international testing standards and are free of any chemicals. This will be transparent and shown to you at all stages of the processes. We keep track of all technical data related to your goods, such as shrinkage results, GSM, torque, colour fastness, structure and stability following only the best international standards.

Supply Chain Management

We oversee that production is handled properly by being in constant communication with our partners and the factories. We persistently coordinate with our partners to ensure the technical aspects of your products are as designed and required and that the correct technology and machines are implemented to ensure high quality finished goods. We always strive for all developments to be made with perfection, to your requirements and meet all your deadlines. We only work with responsibly sourced and ethically produced eco-friendly lab/colour dips, organic, natural or recycled yarns/fabric and accessories, ensuring a zero-waste policy is enforced throughout. Upon receiving the final samples we do a thorough quality check to ensure all requirements and standards are met before moving ahead with the production.

Quality Control and Assessment

We constantly oversee and monitor the quality of all processes involved in the sourcing and merchandising of your goods, from the beginning stages through to final delivery. We always bear in mind our sustainable and ethical vision. We bridge the gap to connect all departments, especially factory management and technical staff to ensure full consistency and high technical standards. Our team follows strict standards and perform inspections following the AQL 2.5 international standards unless otherwise requested. This allows you to identify and select quality standards, which are a major determinant of your final goods. After a final thorough quality assessment is performed as set and approved by you, we proceed with the necessary logistics.

Logistics Management

We arrange, review and check shipping documents to ensure they meet all requirements, standards and strict deadlines. We only work with carbon-neutral or carbon-efficient logistics partners. We ensure your logistics stay green and ethical, whilst still keeping a tight control of your budget. We also assist with the creation of all necessary documentation involved in this process, such as Letter of Credit, Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Landing, ETDs and ETAs and more.