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100% Organic Bamboo Batting 140GSM - Comforter Batting for Quilts

100% Organic Bamboo Batting 140GSM - Comforter Batting for Quilts

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This wonderful 100% certified organic white bamboo batting is luxuriously soft and supple to the touch. It can be used for a variety of work such as comforter batting for quilts, Patchwork, Craft, layering Fabric etc. It holds 3 times more moisture than cotton, dries 3 times faster and will not allow mold or mildew to grow.

One-of-a-kind and exclusively available through ADKN.

Priced per meter. Product is 2m wide.

Sample swatches for both wadding thicknesses [140gsm and 280gsm] now available. These will be provided from small scrap or leftover fabric. This can sometimes result in odd, unusual shapes. Proceeds go to local charities.

Details and Care Info

100% Organic Bamboo
The width of this material is 2m
Light-medium weight 140GSM
Fabric thickness approx 1.5mm
100% Organic Bamboo Wadding
Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
Perfect for baby clothes and accessories
No chemicals used
No bleach
Responsibly sourced and ethically produced
Extremely eco-friendly and sustainable
Exclusive in the UK

Bamboo is naturally one of the most environmentally friendly materials as it requires no fertilisation, irrigation, pesticides or intervention from man during the growing stages. Discover more about the benefits of bamboo fabric here.

Washing Guidelines: machine washable at 30° on a delicate cycle. Please allow a residual shrinkage of 2.5%. Do not wash the raw material, only wash the finished product. Iron on low temperature if necessary.

Please note: We cut the batting off the roll and send it for delivery with standard packaging. At times this might not produce a perfectly straight cut. Wherever possible we attempt to provide the whole order in a continuous length, however this may not always be possible due to size restrictions of our packaging and shipping partners. Where an order will need to be divided it would be in increments of 5x or 10x m. Should you have any specific requirements please do get in touch with us upon placing the order so we can accommodate your request accordingly.

Sustainability Impact

Environmental contribution of the 140gsm ADKN organic bamboo wadding per meter:

5,000 liters of water saved
5.3 kg of CO2 reduced
40.8 Kw reduced

Truth Behind the Price

Research and Development
Research; Approval of suppliers; Tight check on farms

Testing, Prototypes and Sourcing
100% organic bamboo; Carbon-efficient shipping of raw materials; Custom duties; Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees; Prototypes

Ethical and Green Manufacturing
Quality check; High ethical and safety standards; Top-notch energy efficient machines and technology; Fair wages; zero waste

Packaging and Shipping
100% recycled PET packaging; Carbon-neutral transport. All packaging is 100% recyclable

Total Transparent Production Cost: £14 (based on bulk production)

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