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Recycled PET Blue Satin Fabric 100gsm

Recycled PET Blue Satin Fabric 100gsm

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Our 100gsm Recycled PET Blue Satin Fabric is made from postconsumer plastic bottles, transformed through a mechanical process, not chemicals, and spun into yarn in Italy to ensure traceability. It boasts a super soft feel and is 100% recycled, anti-UV, fast drying, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. It is certified by both GRS (Global Recycle Standards by Textile Exchange) and Oeko Tex. In comparison, RPET requires significantly less energy, emits 65% less carbon dioxide, and consumes 90% less water than traditional polyester. Additionally, our PET fibers are sourced from bodies of water worldwide and are Global Recycle Standard Certified.

Read more about our RPET here.

Priced per meter. Add multiple quantity for continuous length.

Details and Care Info

Fabric is 150cm wide
Light weight 100GSM
100% RPET Satin
100% Recycled
Fast drying
Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
No chemicals used
No bleach
Responsibly sourced and ethically produced
Extremely eco-friendly and sustainable
GRS (Global Recycle Standards by Textile Exchange)
Manufactured through a mechanical, not chemical, process and spun into yarn in Italy

All PET used is rescued from the waters of the world

Orders are manually cut off from rolls. We always aim to provide the order in a continuous length, unless otherwise requested.

Care guide: Wash at 30°, iron on low, do not bleach.

Sustainability Impact

RPET requires significantly less energy, releases 65% less carbon dioxide and requires 90% less water than normal polyester.

Your contribution towards the environment per meter:

333 liters of water saved
3.21 kg of CO2 reduced
49.13 Kw reduced

Truth Behind the Price

Research and Development. Testing, Prototypes and Sourcing
Research; Approval of suppliers; Tight check on farms. Carbon-efficient shipping of raw materials; Custom duties; Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees; Prototypes

Ethical and Green Manufacturing
Quality check; High ethical and safety standards; Top-notch energy efficient machines and technology; Fair wages; zero waste

Packaging and Shipping
100% recycled PET or recycled Cardboard packaging; Carbon-neutral transport. All packaging is 100% recyclable

Total Transparent Production Cost: £5.5/meter (based on bulk production)

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