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4 Layer Reusable XL Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter

4 Layer Reusable XL Face Mask with PM 2.5 Filter

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A specially-developed version of our cloth 4 layer bamboo reusable face mask with filter designed to fit XL - XXL faces and bearded faces. This extra large and beard friendly cloth face mask helps protect against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) but it is not developed to be medical grade and is not intended for clinical use. 

  • Now officially tested (read more here) and scientifically proven to be more efficient at filtering out airborne particles than one-time use surgical masks. Filtering efficiency increases by more than 30% when paired with our PM 2.5 filters. Testing done in partnership with Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London
  • Our masks get better at filtering particles with use! It has been scientifically proven that the less porous composition of our masks helps their filtering efficiency triple after the second and third use, reaching a rate 25% higher than single-use surgical masks and continuously increasing with wear.
  • Unique 4 layer fabrication from premium quality, certified bamboo blend cloth material
  • Double filtration media from organic bamboo and tencel
  • Machine washable at 60°C and guaranteed to last at 30+ washes. Can be tumble dried
  • Masks are unisex with extra wide fit which can also accommodate beards
  • Mask measures approx 23cm length x 17.5 cm. For a smaller, standard fit click here
  • Adjustable ties and nose bridge
  • 100% hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Naturally anti-odour
  • Sensitive-skin friendly, no irritation with prolonged wear
  • Mask can be comfortably worn for 8h, but official guidelines recommend alternating the mask every 4h of wear
  • Very breathable with thermal/cooling properties
  • More environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to cotton face masks
  • Each mask comes with 2x PM 2.5 filters which can be inserted in the inner pocket of the mask for an extra 5 layers of carbon activated protection. These filters are recommended for high-risk environments. For normal and low-risk environments, our 4 layer technology would suffice.  Filters are not washable and should be replaced with every full 24h of use. Purchase additional filters here.
  • FREE standard shipping within the UK. Next Day Delivery available
  • Our face masks are always made to order and produced in our own green London studio

Free standard delivery on all UK orders

Composition and Care Guide

Premium organic bamboo and tencel layers
Composition: 70% bamboo, 17% RPET, 10% Tencel and 3% Bio-based Spandex

Face mask designed to be reusable and machine washable and can withstand up to 30 washes on a 60° temperature. Low speed is recommended. Can be tumble dried. PM 2.5 not washable - to be removed before washing if in use

Details and Fit

Unisex universal size: approx 23cm x 17.5cm. Measurements reflect ideal positioning of the mask from nose bridge to underneath the chin (17.5cm) and from cheekbone to cheekbone (23cm)
Beard friendly mask
Extra large fit
Non-medical grade
Reusable; machine washable
Water and splash resistant mask
Not intended for clinical use
Elastic adjustable ties
RPET Thread
PM 2.5 filter included
Antibacterial; inhibits the growth of bacteria
Better sanitation and hygiene
No chemicals used in the production of the fabric

Composition: 70% bamboo, 17% RPET, 10% Tencel and 3% Bio-based Spandex (disregard packaging composition as it reflects an outdated version of this product - we just don't like waste so we're reusing the bags :) )

Responsibly sourced and ethically produced in our own green studio in London and in partner factories

Masks designed to be reusable and shall withstand repetitive washing at a temperature of 60°C and low speed and spin

PLEASE NOTE: No returns are accepted on this item for obvious hygiene reasons.

Sustainability Impact

Always made to order. The environmental contribution with the purchase of a single reusable bamboo face mask (approximate):
800 liters of water saved
0.7 kg of CO2 reduced
2.8 Kwh saved
1.2 2L post-consumer PET bottles recycled

Wear it proud and stay safe!

P.S. In our attempt to reduce packaging and waste we will package 2-3 masks per each individual bag, depending on order quantity. If you require each mask to come in separate packaging, please contact us after placing the order.

Truth Behind the Price

Figures below reflect production cost per individual mask and differ slightly for bulk orders. Please enquire.

Research, Design, Patterns and Prototypes
Research; Designing concept; Sourcing of materials; Approval of suppliers; Pattern drafting; First prototypes; Fittings and amendments

Materials & Accessories; Shipping and Customs
Mix of bamboo and RPET inner and outer layer; bamboo and tencel double inner filter media; Recycled PET thread; Carbon-efficient shipping of materials; Custom duties; Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees

First samples with final material; Fitting and amendments; Final fitting; Production of masks; Quality check; High ethical and safety standards; Top-notch energy efficient machines and technology; Fair wages

Packaging and Shipping
100% recycled PET shipping bags; All packaging is 100% recyclable. Delivered carbon-neutral or otherwise offset.

Total Transparent Production Cost for Bamboo reusable mask £9.8

From the profit, ADKN pays employees, business rates, utilities, miscellaneous expenses and rent and invests in marketing and development of the brand.

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  • 4 Layer Unique Design - Sensitive Skin Friendly

    Uniquely developed blend of bamboo, RPET and tencel. A very breathable reusable mask with a water-resistant outer layer, a double filter and a water resistant inner layer. 100% chemical-free, antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabrication.

    - high breathability factor and O2 intake of 100% with mask on
    - no fromaldehyde nor decomposable carcinogenic arylamine dye detectable
    - latex and nickel free
    - pH 6.7 and odourless fabrication
    - overall fastness (washing, rubbing, light, saliva, perspiration) 4-5
    - valve (optional) is situated inside the pocket (under the inner water-absorbent layer) and has an extra inner filter to ensure all air exhaled is still filtered. Valve helps reduce condensation

    High Thermal Properties

    Our reusable face masks are designed to have high thermal qualities, meaning they'll keep you cool and comfortable.


    The masks are made from a mix of bamboo and RPET cloth fabric (hydrophilic inner and hydrophobic outer layer) and double filtration media (bamboo and tencel), a better and more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cotton face masks. Our unique design and technology ensures the masks are very breathable, water and splash resistant, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and minimising the risk of irritation on sensitive skin with prolonged wear. Our bamboo is specifically designed to have high thermal properties which means the masks will keep you cool and comfortable. The valve increases the breathability factor and reduces condensation that would form from breathing. 

  • Complimentary Extra Filters

    Each mask comes with 2 PM 2.5 filters (carbon-activated). These filters are not washable and should be replaced every 2 weeks or sooner if used for longer periods of time at once (16-24 hours).

    Our unique 4 Layer fabrication ensures the masks are efficient on their own and we recommend the PM 2.5 filters to be used when in a high-risk environment. 

    The filters come in a separate package and can easily be inserted into the mask when needed, fitting snugly yet comfortably inside the special pocket.

  • Ethically Sourced and Produced

    Reusable face masks produced in our own green studio in London, UK following strict ethical and sustainable standards.

    All masks are sustainably  made to order in true slow fashion style to avoid resource waste. The environmental contribution with the purchase of a single mask (approximate):
    - 800 liters of water saved
    - 0.7 kg of CO2 reduced
    - 2.8 Kwh saved
    - 1.2 2L post-consumer PET bottles recycled

Best practice while wearing this (or any mask) according to European guidelines:

- Store in an air-tight bag/container
- Do not share masks
- Masks should not be worn for longer than 4 hours at a time; alternate masks if longer wear is required

- Wash hands with soap and warm water before touching the mask

- Make sure the mask fits tightly around your face, do not leave any gaps. Tighten the ties and adjust nose bridge
- Avoid touching your face even if you are wearing a mask and try not to fiddle with the mask once it's on

From all of us at ADKN, please stay safe and make sure all your loved ones are healthy and safe. Together we can make it through!