Bamboo Reusable Face Masks vs Disposable Masks Test of Time! Our bamboo masks protect you better the more you use them!

Bamboo Reusable Face Masks vs Disposable Masks Test of Time! Our bamboo masks protect you better the more you use them!

All our 4-layer bamboo masks have officially been tested and scientifically proven to be more efficient at filtering out airborne particles than one-time use disposable masks.

The ADKN 4 layer reusable bamboo face masks are made from uniquely developed 100% certified, premium quality organic materials - a hydrophobic (water-repellant) bamboo blend outer layer, double filter media from 100% bamboo and 100% tencel and a hydrophilic (water-absorbing) bamboo blend inner layer - developed in accordance with WHO guidelines and AFNOR specifications and locally produced in our London studio with the utmost environmental care. As a result of their unique composition, ADKN masks are very breathable, 100% chemical-free (with no fromaldehyde nor carcinogenic substances detectable) antibacterial and hypoallergenic, perfect for those of us who struggle with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to maskne!

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the study conducted by the Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London which shows that filtering efficiency of our bamboo masks increases by more than 30% when paired with our PM 2.5 filters.

Here is the experimental set-up with the dummy head + bamboo mask used for testing and the experimental apparatus. ADKN Masks showed a high breathability factor and O2 intake remains unchanged with a flow of 100%.

 The latest tests conducted over a longer period of time have concluded that not only are our masks more efficient at filtering out airborne particles than one-time disposable masks, but that their efficiency triples with use and keeps increasing! Our 4-layer masks become at least 25% more efficient within the first hour of wear than surgical masks.

ADKN 4 Layer Bamboo masks vs Disposable Masks under the microscope

The optical microscopy images showed that ADKN masks, as a result of their unique 4 layer design and composition, are less porous compared to disposable masks. This could explain their improved performance after the first use as they provide a physical barrier against the particulates, whereas with the disposable masks the particulates eventually break through.


ADKN masks filtering efficiency over 3 consecutive tests

ADKN Masks average a filtration efficiency of 55-60% in the first hour of wear and 70-80% thereafter with prognosed increase.

ADKN Masks filtering efficiency over 3 consecutive tests

Disposable masks filtering efficiency over 3 consecutive tests

Disposable masks average a filtration efficiency of 50% in the first hour, with the efficiency significantly fluctuating and dropping drastically within the first 20 minutes of wear. After the first 1 hour, the efficiency of disposable masks averages around 60%.

Surgical masks filtering efficiency over 3 consecutive tests

Did you know...

Surgical mask is embodied with 59 g CO2-eq per single unit? So in general if an average working person need to change a mask 6 times per day, it contributes to 354 CO2-eq per person. Now imagine the stress we are putting on the environment around us as most of them end up either in landfill or contributes to waste in our waters. [Science Direct]

“Recent studies estimate that we use an astounding 129 billion face masks globally every month -- that is 3 million a minute. Most of them are disposable face masks made from plastic microfibers.” [Science Daily]

The use of a single disposable mask per day could lead to “over 124,000 tons of unrecyclable plastic waste, 66,000 tons of contaminated waste and 57,000 tons of plastic packaging” in the UK.
[Science Direct]


Our masks not only protect more, but the reduced environmental footprint of their production (800L less water, 0.7 Kg less CO2, 2.8 kWh less energy) makes the purchase of each of our masks a more sustainable choice both for yourself and the environment! 



So, what will your choice be?



Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

"Simply amazing and nothing less. Received mine today and cannot recommend enough!! I have glasses and found all other masks steam up my lenses. I have to use medical grade face masks daily at work and these are better for comfort and don’t stop me being able to see due to my glasses steaming up, very well made. I am also asthamatic, they are easy to breath in and worth every penny, will be ordering more for the family" - Doreen

Brilliant quality and seeing as the masks have survived well over 30 washes they are very good value for money” - Alistair Warren-Thomas

“Brilliant mask, the best one I have purchased and I have a few! The adjustable ear loops make them much more comfortable and if I nip the nose in and put my glasses on top they do not steam up as much. They are also a lot more breathable then some of the others I have” - Eva

“I have a very sensitive skin and can get irritation very easily. These masks so far have been very good, no rash. It also keeps me very cool. I think the organic materials really make a difference.” - Adam

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