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Ethical Slow Fashion. Timeless Styles


Slow Fashion Brand Made in London

Women's clothes ethically produced in own studio in London

Ethical Fashion Brand with Transparent Pricing

Detailed breakdow of prices for each product

Circular Fashion. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Clothes

Sustainable fashion brand using only 100% recycled, organic or natural materials. Want to recycle your old clothes? Contact us and receive a voucher!

Animal-Free Designs and Kindness for Nature

We are an independent boutique fashion brand based in London, the only award-winning exclusively 100% animal-free, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashion brand made in England. We create quality dresses, coats, tops and bottoms that are stylish, flattering and super comfy. They're also good for the environment! All ADKN garments are ethically produced in our own London-based studio, handcrafted with responsibly sourced and sustainable materials and recycled fabric, because slow fashion is even better fashion.