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Interlining - 100% Recycled Cotton Fusing Roll 100m

Interlining - 100% Recycled Cotton Fusing Roll 100m

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Introducing our exclusive 100% Recycled Cotton Interlining Iron-on Fusing – the eco-friendly choice for your crafting needs. With a variety of weights available and a luxuriously soft feel, this fusing offers both structure and comfort.

Measuring  150cm in width for the 42gsm and 50gsm and 100cm in width for the 125gsm and 160gsm, it's perfect for a range of projects. Free from bleach and harmful chemicals, responsibly produced, and ethically sourced, it's a guilt-free option.

Exclusively available through ADKN, this iron-on interlining is your one-of-a-kind solution for sustainable crafting.

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