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Faial Navy Blue Chiffon Sheer Bodysuit with Balloon Sleeves


A flowy and very feminine bodysuit, guaranteed to catch attention and become an indispensable piece in your wardrobe. The RPET Chiffon top features a gaping v-neck and large sleeves, giving an elegant touch to any outfit. The bottom is made from super-soft plant-based mix of Polyamide and Elastane, for a comfortable fit and no visible lines. Closes with a concealed nickel-free zip.

Composition: 100% RPET Chiffon, 90% Eco-friendly Polyamide, 10% Eco-friendly Elastane

Care guide: Wash at 30°, iron on low, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Or take to specialist dry-cleaner.

Never over-produced - Always made to order.

Your contribution towards the environment with the purchase of this bodysuit*: 

681 liters of water saved
5 kg of CO2 reduced
74.75 Kw reduced
2L post-consumer plastic bottles recycled (material, thread and zip)

(*calculations based per one piece of clothing, sustainably produced in our green studio in London)

Wear it proud! You made a difference!

Plant-based Lycra

100% Recycled



No harmful chemicals

Responsibly sourced

Ethically produced

100% Made in London, in the ADKN studio




Design, Patterns and Prototypes

Research; Designing concept; Sourcing of materials; Approval of suppliers; Pattern drafting; First prototypes; Fittings and amendments


Materials & Accessories;

Shipping and Customs

90% plant-based polyamide 10% plant-based elastane; 100% recycled PET Chiffon; Recycled PET thread; Recycled PET and nickel-free zip; Carbon-efficient shipping of materials; Corozo buttons; Custom duties; Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees


Sampling; Amendments; In-house Production

First samples with final material; Fitting and amendments; Final fitting; Production of garment in own studio in London; Quality check; High ethical and safety standards; Top-notch energy efficient machines and technology; Fair wages


Packaging and Shipping

100% recycled boxes with 100% recycled PET ribbon; 100% recycled PET shipping bags; Carbon-neutral transport. All packaging is 100% recyclable



Total Transparent Production Cost: £55

From the profit, ADKN pays employees, business rates, utilities, miscellaneous expenses and rent and invests in marketing and development of the brand.