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Faial Bodysuit
Faial Bodysuit

Faial Bodysuit

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100% Recycled   Hypoallergenic & antibacterial   Durable    

Soft   No harmful chemicals   Ethically sourced and produced

A flowy and very feminine bodysuit, guaranteed to catch attention and become an indispensable piece in your wardrobe. The RPET Chiffon top features a gaping v-neck, keyhole detail on the back and large sleeves, giving an elegant touch to any outfit. The bottom is made from super-soft Eco-friendly Polyamide and Eco-friendly Elastane, for a comfortable fit and no visible lines. Closes with a concealed nickel-free zip.

Composition: 100% RPET Chiffon, 90% Eco-friendly Polyamide, 10% Eco-friendly Elastane

Care guide: Wash at 30°, iron on low, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Or take to specialist dry-cleaner.

100% Made in England, in the ADKN London studio, in accordance to the highest quality and labour standards.

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The Truth Behind the Price

Design, Patterns and Prototypes



Designing concept

Sourcing of materials

Approval of suppliers

Pattern drafting

First prototypes

Fittings and amendments

Materials and Accessories


Bio-based polyammide and elastane

100% recycled PET chifon

Eco-friendly interlining

Recycled PET thread

Nickel-free, eco-friendly zip

Transport and


Shipping of materials

Carbon-efficient vehicles for transport

Custom duties

Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees

Sampling and


First samples with final materials

Fittings and amendments


Final fitting

Approval for production



Production of garment in own London studio

Quality check

High ethical and safety standards

Top-notch machines and technology

Packaging and


(Within the UK)

100% recycled cardboard ADKN boxes with 100% recycled PET ribbon

100% recycled PET recyclable shipping bags

Shipping fees

Carbon-neutral transport

Total Cost £96.16

Final Retail Price £180

All prices are inclusive of VAT. From the profit, ADKN pays employees, business rates, utilities, miscellaneous expenses and rent and invests in marketing and development of the brand.
Please note that the lining used in garments (if any) might differ to what you see in pictures. Garments are made by real people, so please allow for some human error!