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Azora White Floral Print Maxi Dress

Azora White Floral Print Maxi Dress

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Experience pure elegance with this luxurious white maxi dress featuring stunning blue floral print puff sleeves and a milkmaid neckline. Immerse yourself in the world of art and fashion with this exclusive piece.

Composition and Care Guide

Composition: 100% Deadstock Polyester
Care guide: Wash at 30°, iron on low, do not bleach.

Details and Fit

Actual product colour may vary from the images shown due to different screen and monitor settings. Please refer to product description or enquire if you need extra clarification.

Sustainable dress
A-line flattering shape
100% vegan
White floral print dress
Fitted bodice
Maxi dress
Thigh split dress
Sweetheart neckline
Puff short sleeves
Upcycled deadstock material/design
Ethically produced in our own green atelier in London, UK

Sustainability Impact

Your contribution towards the environment with the purchase of this upcycled dress*:

950 litres of water saved
10.4 kg of CO2 reduced
150.73 Kw reduced
0.8 kg of waste material savings (deadstock)

(*calculations based per one piece of clothing, sustainably produced in our own green studio in London using deadstock materials and/or designs)
Wear it proud! You made a difference!

Truth Behind the Price

Design, Patterns and Prototypes
Research; Designing concept; Sourcing of materials; Approval of suppliers; Pattern drafting; First prototypes; Fittings and amendments

Materials & Accessories;
Shipping and Customs
100% deadstock materials (salvaged); Carbon-efficient shipping of materials; Custom duties; Forwarder and carbon-neutral logistics fees

Sampling; Amendments; In-house Production
First samples with final material; Fitting and amendments; Final fitting; Production of garment in own studio in London; Quality check; High ethical and safety standards; Top-notch energy efficient machines and technology; Fair wages

Packaging and Shipping
100% recycled boxes with 100% recycled PET ribbon; 100% recycled PET shipping bags; Carbon-neutral transport. All packaging is 100% recyclable

Total Transparent Production Cost: £38

Upcycled/Deadstock Collection

At ADKN, we believe that fashion should not come at the expense of our planet. As advocates of ethical work environments, sustainable supply chains, and eco-friendly practices, we are thrilled to introduce our latest collection, ADKN DLife. This collection breathes new life into sustainable deadstock materials or discarded and rejected designs, and we invite you to explore its beauty and innovation.
Our dedication to zero-waste practices is at the heart of ADKN DLife Collection. We use fabric scraps, leftover overproduced materials and discarded or rejected designs that would have otherwise gone to landfills to create and re-create beautiful designs, ensuring that every bit of material serves a purpose. By recycling and upcycling every scrap, we strive to maintain a truly zero-waste atelier and help reduce overall fashion waste. Since embarking on this journey, our textile contribution to landfills has been zero—a milestone we are incredibly proud of.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to our production processes. We openly disclose the sustainability of our garments and the truth behind their pricing. Here are some of the incredible environmental benefits our DLife collection has achieved:

  • Water Savings: We save an average of 917 liters of water per dress and 425 liters per top.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction: We reduce carbon emissions by an average of 5.4 kg per dress and 3.35 kg per top.
  • Energy Savings: We save around 77.4 kWh per dress and 31.25 kWh per top.
  • Fabric Repurposing: We repurpose an average of 0.5 kg of deadstock fabric per dress and 0.25 kg per top.

We are deeply grateful for your support as we continue this journey toward a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference in the world of fashion.

Made by ADKN [Animal-free Designs and Kindness for Nature]. London Ethical Slow Fashion

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  • Fair Fashion with Transparent Pricing

  • Responsibly Sourced and Ethically Produced

  • Only 100% Sustainable, Recycled or Organic Materials