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Best Sustainable Christmas Party Dresses - ADKN

Deck the Halls in Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Choices

Grab a cup of good cheer and join me in discussing everlasting classics in fashion. Christmas is just around the corner (are you as excited as we are?) and all the festive joyous parties await your glamorous appearance. So why not add an extra wow factor to your style suite this year! Give a little extra back to Mother Earth and opt for 100% sustainable and ethical outfits. Go on, tuck this underneath your tree!

Bamboo Velvet all the Way

Who doesn't love a bit of velvet over the festive season? It's soft and can bring a sophisticated festive vibe perfect for any occasion.

Introducing the lovely Eva Dress, our velvet little black dress - need we say more? Made from organic bamboo and organic cotton, this dress is guaranteed to catch everyone's attention at your Christmas Party or the perfect attire to welcome the New Year in.

This lovely little number may be extra soft and delicate, but it's made from one of the most durable fabrics (yay for bamboo) and it's also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, whilst ethically produced in our London studio.

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Merry and Bright in Recycled Red Satin

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Raise your hand if when you hear red satin you immediately think Christmas! I thought so.

What about when you hear recycled post-consumer non-chemically recycled PET red satin? Let me tell you... you think Maia Dress.

This stunning red elegant dress brings that extra sophistication we all want to show around this time of year. So go on, dress up and have fun whilst also saving the environment. Red satin's never looked so good!

The Festive Professional

Ah, work Christmas parties. The perfect opportunity to see everyone's joyous personalities following a few lovely holiday drinks. And if you're not.. aghem.. "forced"... to wear a Christmas Jumper, then we have the perfect sustainable solution for you.


Impress your co-workers by showing up in Agnes Dress, a stunning and yet more professional party dress in a gorgeous emerald, all made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles. No chemicals, hypoallergenic and all of the fun!

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Mingle and Jingle in a Sustainable Style with our Festive RPET Choice

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