ADKN Green Consultancy Services

ADKN Green Consultancy

Are your suppliers still living up to your standards? Are they keeping up with your business needs for a truly green and sustainable model? Does your process for realising responsible, sustainable and green sourcing still hold true, or does it need to be retweaked? Whatever it is, we are here to help. We provide expert green consultancy services to local and international businesses and manufacturers. This enables a better approach towards animal-free, green, sustainable and ethical production options whilst ensuring your specific requirements are met. Our green consultancy service comes into effect at several stages of your business.

Data Visualisation and Reporting

Our Data Visualisation and Reporting service will be crucial to understand the development of your supplier base, and your own sourcing efforts across all projects, products and commodities. We can help you identify what improvements would be necessary to make your business more successful and more green. Corporate responsibility is a mentality that we share within our own organisation and with everyone involved with us. We could help you with market research, sourcing strategies or production planning. Let us help you become more productive and generate bigger returns to your business all whilst being green, sustainable and responsible.

Compliance and Certifications

Your company should strive to be compliant with the latest norms, transparent in your supply chain and lead supplier development bearing in mind responsible, ethical and green standards. We are aware of the challenges within the industry across different types of companies. Depending on the current shape of your organisation, we will design an approach for a streamlined return. We understand the complexity behind certifications and compliance and are here to help you implement them with ease. It is our goal to actively help your business evolve towards a certified green and responsible business. Not only will this appeal to your clients, but it will also associate your company with a social cause of worldwide importance. We will professionally train your human resource for optimal performance across your organisation. With our continuous guide and coaching you will develop an enhanced culture that will drive sustainable improvements across the organization.

From organisational change towards a sustainable business strategy

We conduct a thorough analysis and provide valuable insight on how your company currently operates, highlighting improvements needed in order to achieve your sustainable and green goals. We advise and assist with the most appropriate location for establishing your project, help obtain both government as well as private grants and funds and assist with the purchasing of new machinery to ensure a smooth start to your new project. We determine the best strategy together and implement the following in a feasible way:

Fabric and Accessory Development

- Fabric, accessories and garments Sourcing and Manufacturing

- Dyeing, Printing, embroidery, labeling, finishing and packaging

- Premium quality and cost-efficient fabric, accessories and garments with a good lead time

- Wide international network of suppliers, factories, mills and manufacturers

Sample Development

  • - Reviewing and challenging costing, design and quality prior to prototype review meeting

- Our experts are on hand to offer resolutions for any issues encountered during the sampling process


  • - Our vast experience within the industry and knowledge of fabric will allow us to review and challenge cost sheets accurately, whilst identifying patterns based on industry and economic trends
  • - Supervise and assist with the tech pack handover

- Conduct thorough market research and create a price strategy which achieves your margin goals


  • - We assist with reorder negotiations and effectively provide cost-saving solutions
  • - We work with global sourcing specialists to ensure best costs and maintain transparency throughout the logistics process

Supply Chain/Logistics

  • - Ensure all shipments and deliveries are as scheduled and all preauthorisation requirements are completed
  • - Detailed management of the goods and products being shipped
  • - We identify quality Issues and issue Product Rejection Notices
  • - Work with specialists to identify the reason for any product rejection notices
  • - We work closely with the vendor compliance teams
  • - We assess the Customer Experience and work to resolve issues and improve on future services

Vendor & Factory Management

- We asses the entire strategy based on product lifecycle and product performance

  • - Streamlining the product lifecycle management across all platforms

Data Management/Reporting

  • - We evaluate all partners, suppliers and materials used on a quarterly basis to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate
  • - We always make sure the suppliers and factory capacity are working smoothly together, making improvements where/if needed


We will monitor and analyse all processes through to completion. This will help us determine whether the approach used would be beneficial in the future or if a different method needs to be implemented. We always keep a tight grasp on all contracts and certifications throughout the process. We understand your requirements and have the network and skills needed to help you succeed in your green project.