Zero Waste - We're Making Something Out of Nothing

Zero Waste - We're Making Something Out of Nothing

As firm believers that fashion can indeed be better and that pollution can be greatly reduced, we've always aimed for that zero-waste production with all of our garments and accessories. Whilst this is not always possible to 100%, we always find creative ways of upcycling any scrap. We are proud to say that since starting this journey, our textile contribution to landfills has been zero.

The unpredictable pandemic that has hit the entire world has brought some significant changes to our industry. While we took a step back and used existing fabric to produce masks to provide the market with a sustainable, ethical alternative to a now-vital product, the whole industry experienced a sudden mass of cancelled/reduced orders. This left a lot of manufacturers, factories and their employees without pay and with significant leftover materials that would eventually be set aside, unwanted and thrown away. As firm supporters of an ethical work environment as well as supply chain and as eco-warriors for a greener future, ADKN has decided to help restore the livelihood of affected employees and salvage these sustainable deadstock materials and give them a new life in our new collection: ADKN DLife.

ADKN DLife will see a wide range of products that align with ADKN's vision and aesthetic we all know and love. Each product will be available in limited quantities (reflective of the quantity of deadstock material salvaged) and will still be produced in our green and sustainable London atelier with the highest ethical and quality standards.


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