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Corona Virus Impact on Small Slow Fashion Business - ADKN UK

The current global pandemic is bringing on an economic crisis which unfortunately affects all businesses, but it is the local, small businesses like ourselves that are taking the biggest hit. 

As an ethical fashion brand, we have always put the health and safety of our employees first and have therefore decided, from this week, to stop ADKN production in our studio in London till the virus situation is under control, seeing as we already have a bit of stock to hopefully tie us over. This by no means suggests we have laid people off - no. We will still be making the usual monthly contributions to payroll for each employee. We have gathered up all our savings (both business and personal) in an attempt to cover and hopefully survive through this crisis, yet that would only keep us afloat for another month or two. With very limited support from our landlord in terms of rent and very limited government help available for small slow fashion brands such as ourselves that may arrive too late, we might see ourselves going bankrupt by the time the situation is under control. 

Our supply chain has also been completely cut off as more and more European countries have closed their borders and our partner factories have no longer been exporting materials throughout March, which has hindered production of new designs.

We have therefore enabled the purchasing of gift cards, which would help bring in some cash flow to help ADKN ensure all their employees are duly paid during this global pandemic and economic crisis. The gift cards start from values as small as £5 and go all the way up to £500. They are redeemable against any future purchases and have no expiration date and can be purchased like any other product on our website. After checking out, you will receive a code via email for the value of the gift card purchased.

Purchase ADKN Gift Cards here

We are also currently still accepting orders, yet these will not be processed straight away due to the self-isolation policies in place within our company. So if you want to place an order for an item you may still do so if you do not mind waiting for it for a little longer than usual.

All our B2B services are running as usual, given all the staff dedicated to handle our consultancy services has been relocated to work from their own homes.

Thank you for supporting us during this global crisis and helping ADKN keep fighting for fair slow fashion.
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