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We have a team of highly-skilled machinists who can complete production whilst keeping in mind the highest standards, all whilst engaging in a zero-waste policy and under strict ethical and safety standards. The choice of a home-based production with ADKN ensure you follow strict ethical standards with the entire supply chain being animal-free/vegan, green, sustainable and ethical. You also have the ability to personally monitor the progress and quality and liaise with the production team based in London.

We pride ourselves in always providing the highest quality garments, all 100% ethically produced under strict standards with a zero-waste policy. Our highly green and sustainable practices have won us the Green Business of the Year award during our first year as an established company.


  • What do you manufacture?

    Whilst our bespoke brand specialises in women's wear, the ADKN manufacturing team can produce a wide range or products, from both men and women garments and textile accessories to other industry-specific uniforms and textiles (includes, but not limited to linen, bedding, towels, bathrobes, table cloths, curtains, aprons, etc.). 

  • How quickly can you manufacture for me?

    This entirely depends on our production availability at that time and your project's requirements. For more accurate estimates please enquire using the form below.

  • Is your production really green and sustainable?

    Yes, it is. For example, We only use 100% renewable energy (it's vegan too!) and green Juki machines, with approximately 60% less electricity consumption. Our studio therefore save at least 3.5 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per year. This is equivalent to planting 1,770 trees. We also employ a strict zero-waste policy throughout our supply and production chain.

  • What materials can you work with?

    We have a wide experience working with all sort of fabrics, from chiffon and satin to thick materials such as hemp and leather alternatives.

  • Do you ensure quality?

    We do ensure and pride ourselves with 100% premium quality in all our products. Should there however be any defects or problems with any items, we will either fix them or remake them and recycle the defected product. Please do allow a small margin for human error :)

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